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This “Hole in One” club is perpetual, the golf season never ends. If a member wishes to drop out, or new members join in, we will update the membership and notify everyone.


You are obligated to pay your fellow GOLD members $100.00 in the event he/she records a “hole in one” during any* event or outing in which they are a participant. SILVER
members will only receive $50.00 from you. If you score a “hole in one” you will receive $100.00 from the GOLD members and $50.00 from the SILVER members. If you did not participate in an outing in which someone gets a hole in one, you are exempt from paying.


Basically the same as the GOLD membership except your obligation is $50.00 and you can only receive $50.00 from either member if you score a “hole in one”.

*Please note that any outing includes your weekend and away games anywhere you play.

*Any weekend and away games that were not pre-arranged to play together will not count. For example, if one or more members playing the Northview Canal course, and the other one or more playing the Ridge course on a separate arrangement (one group not knowing the other is playing), you will only be obligated to the members you are playing with on the same course.

However, if members playing in the same field of any pre-arranged outing or in the same tournament; in this case, even if you are on a separate course, you are obligated to all members in the field. For example, the Intercity tournament therein we occupy 2 separate courses.

Note: Members of this club are responsible for their own collection of payouts – VCGC is not responsible for any payouts. This Hole in One club administrates itself separately from the VCGC.

Download: Hole in One Club 2024 June

Gold Members ($100 exposure)Silver Members ($50 exposure)
Bill ChaoAlice Chow
Danny ThongBryan Low
Dave JungLawrence Low
David ChaoLuwan Yang
Gene WongPernando Chow
Harry JungPollyanna Chow
John ChikJessie Yee
Lily MaJimmy Yee
Linda MaFern Chow
Terry WongDarren Ing
Tonnie LamDave Rogers
Victor KoEdward Kwok
Julan Lo
Ken Jung