Entries to Portland / InterCity


For those of you considering registering for the Portland InterCity, the entry form is attached; it will be a great time and we’re looking to have a great turnout from the Vancouver group.

For payment, Laville in Portland has stated that the best way to pay is with a U.S. cheque or bank draft. We have asked and they do not have a CAD$ entry fee or can accept electronic payments/transfers. So, options are:

1) You can try the “old school” method of writing USD FUNDS on your Canadian cheque and mail it to Portland. When it clears your account the bank will convert it and debit your account at that time, and likely charge a service fee.

2) Bank Draft: you can get one at your local bank – they will charge the conversion fee at time of purchase, and likely a service fee as well.

3) Alternatively, Gene Wong has graciously offered to collect US funds from you (and the registration form) and he will write one check for everyone out of his US Checking account that he has in the states. You can give it to him the next time you see him.

Hope that helps – get your registration in soon and book your hotel! It is going to be a great weekend!

Download: 2024 NW Invitation PDF

~ VCGC ~