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In 1949, under the directions of the appointed President Jack Chan, the golf club participated in the first ” Pacific Northwest Chinese Golf Tournament” (The Intercity Golf Tournament as we prefer to call it nowadays) held in Seattle. The following year, we saw the first election of officers held at Pender Y. Bill Lim was elected as President and other Officers elected were Harry Lee, Charlie Louie, Jack Chan, Dr. Fred Chu, Dick Anderson, Bennie Lee and John Lim. These dedicated Chartered Members were responsible for formulating the ‘Club’ constitution and a strong financial position we enjoy today.

We salute these pioneers who dedicated their time and energy in those early years and we the present members of The Vancouver Chinese Golf Club now enjoy the fruits of their labours.

The ‘Club’ also acknowledges the seemingly everlasting memberships of Ray Ing, Dave Eng, Norm Chin, On Lim, and Grant Louie. These members who are still active with our ‘Club’ today, still supportive of our current club events, have served the Vancouver Chinese Golf Club in the past under various capacities.

The Vancouver Chinese Golf Club ‘VCGC’ is open to anyone with an interest in playing the game of golf with respect. Membership is by application only. Prospective new members may apply for membership by having 2 current VCGC members in good standing as sponsors.

The objective of the VCGC is to promote the art and competition of golf through its own organised and coordinated tournaments in accordance with the Rules of Golf as laid down by the RCGA and the USGA, while at the same time provide to foster and encourage social camaraderie among its members.

The VCGC is a non-profit organization with none of it’s Directors and Officers taking remuneration for services rendered.